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Pet evolution/Morph idea
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Author:  Rioshima [ 24 Aug 2018, o 19:03 ]
Post subject:  Pet evolution/Morph idea

So let me make this intro in a way we all can understand.
1- Certain pets as-well as the best pets reach or start at a laughable point in this game, you have to pend 3-10$ if not make an alt to obtain a early game pet for it to die to mobs lower level than it or at a random point mid grind. This is intentional but we also have access to trainer stones to avoid pets being too behind our main levels. So why this post? let me give you the lay out.

Pet [0] = Normal pet stage

2- Weapons have tiers I-II-III-IV
now i do not know if pets follow this same mechanic but i wish to give them the ability to morph/be upgrade via-plat or Emperors to the next stage. Pets will gain no damage bonus but rather faster stat growth per level up, meaning the sooner you upgrade a brand new pet to Tier 1,2,3 it'll be much stronger over time than a none-upgraded pet. this fills in the gap with pets losing stamina/mana out in combat too fast until it somehow survives to level 90 which many of them cannot do without very good skills and tactics from the owner whose probably a seasonal veteran compared to some one wanting to experience something unique.

(Cost - 40 platinum at pet seller) T1: +10hp/stamina/mana per level
(Cost- 100 platinum at pet seller) T2: +25hp/stamina/mana per level
(Cost- 200 platinum at pet seller) T3: +35hp/stamina/mana/+1 to dex/str or knolwedge/power per level+ with the addition of gaining all stats not received for previous levels. Ex: level 30 grey hound ( norm lv 8- becomes tier 3 it'd recieved 22*(35hp/mana/stamina = + 770 hp/stamina/mana instantly.

Now you will wonder why these prices are so high, for the average taernian whose a seasonal expert 1-5 boxes of platinum is like a pack of gum to us, even as a low level player you gain 30 plat within 5 hours of story progression and that won't take long to obtain 40 if you already bought 1 box or obtained from another player. this promotes the usage of plat as-well ,because people are just collecting it for the numbers often lol.

limitations/Restrictions: Only premium members can upgrade a per to tier 3. Also if a pet dies they will of course keep their upgrade you bought for them and it will be displayed in the tooltip/GUI as pet Tier : 0/1*/2/3 (* - meaning what tier it was when it was sent back/died in combat ect.)

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