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Post Skin sets
These rare, hard to find/obtain/buy items are here only for appearances. While I am aware there are more, or have been more in the past, skins available on the polish servers, I am not quite interested in bringing any of those here. Instead, I'm more interested in a possible "future" for skins.

Purchasable sets that can be obtained via the platinum options. Why?

Because people will buy them to make their character look good. The benefit of skins from platinum is that it does not give any functional benefit to the player purchasing them, making it an option that does not unbalance the game (as opposed to purchasable rares via platinum). The only real downfall is having to design the sets, determine prices, and also determine the method to buying them. Will they be available all the time? Or will they only be in shop for certain events or times of the year? Are they limited? Are they bound? All things to be considered.

Availability: Since the majority of skins are only obtainable via drops (very rarely), for extremely special scenarios (first to kill Morana), and during certain times of the year, I can picture them also following such an elusive pattern. Maybe they only appear in shop for the first of each month. Maybe they're only there for holidays or server birthdays. OR, maybe you want to break the pattern, and they will be purchasable at any time. In this case, special events and holidays could result in them being priced on sale.

Limitations: One set per player. Clarified; each player can purchase only ONE of each set for their character(s). Sets will be bound to the player, and cannot be traded. The possibility for the set to be able to be passed freely to all characters on the same account is probably not coded, but could be a possibility for the future. The limitation is in place so plat rich players cannot purchase the sets and then crash the economy selling them or trading them for rares.

The Sets Themselves: While some players like to look unique, which is why they morph extremely odd items onto themselves, others like themes. Patterns. They want a full pattern that, given the current pigment restrictions, cannot be obtained. These are some ideas for different sets. Weapon is not included in the set ideas.

Angelic - pure white. Pristine, beautiful, delicate. The cape enveloping the player like wings, the helmet a mask of beauty. A player with the full morphed set will give off a golden light around their character.

Hunter - natural colors, as if they are hiding in nature for their perfect shot. This set will have gear that appears to be made from the pelts of animals (such as Ghaitarog being the head of Tiger, but something different and unique). Greens, browns, and pelts of many beasts - a player with the full morphed set will give off a green fog.

Demonic - black and dark reds or oranges. Fierce, powerful, and angry. A set to tell others that this player is potentially dangerous - a PKer, perhaps. Horns, sharp edges, and spiky ridges. The essence that a player is dangerous and 'evil'. A player with the full morphed set will give off either a red light or an effect of dripping blood (would not be visible with low graphic settings).

Aquatic - brilliant blues and light grays. Mystical, sleek, and smooth. A player that can fit in with their surroundings almost anywhere, while simultaneously having a 'chilled' appearance. Players wearing this full morphed set will give off water effects, such as small 'bubbles'.

Arctic - the Vidvar set. Sharp icicles and heavy, painful armor. Touching it would seemingly bring pain. The players would look like a mob in Vidvar. Freezing cold and unafraid of anything, except perhaps a bright flame. Players wearing this full morphed set will give off snow effects.

Night - dark, dark, more dark. Blends in with the background. Their very character is hidden under a cloak of darkness. The helmet is a black hood, shadowing the face, the cape a wisp of smoke rather than true fabric. Players wearing this full morphed set will have a 'shrouded' effect where they aren't fully clear.

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