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 Guild Protections 
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Post Guild Protections
When creating a guild you have a choice between three protections (The Sarmantines, the Eurynths, and the Bendiriades. However, other than doing the quest and making the guild there is absolutely no reason to choose one over the other. There is no change (correct me if I'm wrong) or difference between the 3. And I think such a system could really improve the game.

Now I don't remember the quests specifically. But let's look at them each.

The Sarmantines. Let's say a guild under the rule of the Sarmantine's is a guild based on honour. The Sarmantine's are lawful and holy. It should then be expected that a guild under the protection of the Sarmantine's shares the characteristics.

The Eurynths. Somnus is an undead mage who lives in the Forlorn Settlement. Although death is often associated with evil, few characters in this map are 'evil' or even 'bad'. However, like Sigius, many are greedy, focused on pure gains. The guild under this protection should have similar characteristics.

Finally, the Bendiriades. The lady who gives them is a natural lady who lives near the druids. They believe in upholding the nature of the world and being close with the law of the earth. As a result they have a great deal of experience. Such should be shared with the guild.

My proposal is that guilds have a daily task/quest based on the chosen protection.

Those under the Sarmantine's protection have a daily quest in which each member can gain honour.

Those under the Eurynth's protection have a daily quest in which each member can gain gold.

Those under the Bendiriades' protection have a daily quest in which each member can gain experience.

These quests will consist of two stages and will not take over the task slot but instead will be a daily quest (only 1 can be taken every 24 hours). Stage 1: The player who takes the quest must kill a group of mobs whose strength is dependent on the taker's level. In most cases except for exemplary players they will need help from a friend (to promote guild members working together).

Stage 2: The player must donate a certain amount of resources (any of the building resources and/or gold). This will encourage players who generally do nothing to help the guild to actually do something.

There is no penalty for not doing the quest. But the reward will be worth it, and will be based on the protection. The experience and gold earned by the quest will be scaled by the level of the player. A level 140 player who cannot earn experience could have the option to give the experience to their pet(s).

Lastly, the appearance of the guild buildings should be based on the protection. The buildings for a Sarmantine's guild should appear 'noble and holy', or merely professionally elegant.

A guild based on the Eurynth's will appear dark and mysterious (but not evil, let's not correlate darkness to evil).

And a guild based on the Bendiriades will appear 'natural', set in nature, or earthy in appearance, much like the druids themselves.

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18 Mar 2017, o 16:55
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