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Post Emperors
Emperors are an additional currency that you can buy with gold or platinum that is used for elements, one-time pets, or buying food. However, the ways to get them is very limited (even platinum can be earned through hard work). You can 'earn' 1-3 ducats a day doing the 24-hour guards quest at Trifkins and if you have Premium you can win them... unless you have the misfortune of being over 110 and then you only win ducats.

Perhaps there could be a way to earn a reasonable amount of emperors through a task or daily quest (more than 1-3). The cheapest element is 200 ducats if you choose to go that route. That's 800k gold or 40 platinum for a single element (the cheapest). I understand things shouldn't be cheap but just like every other currency, there could be a good way of earning emperors.

Or maybe allow players above 110 to choose which of the two currencies (ducats or emperors) they would prefer to receive if they get that roll. Because for the average player farming 30, 35, or more elements is far more tedious than it should be.

TL;DR: allow for a task or daily quest to earn reasonable amounts of emperors, even if only possible once a day or even week.

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