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 Guild Optimizations + Guild War System 
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Post Guild Optimizations + Guild War System
Random suggestions brought on by a bout of boredom, tiredness and the server being down to give me time to write things.


- guilds receiving an 'alliance' from another guild should be able to delete it

- yellow 'ally' lock - allows friends, fellow guild members, and members from guilds in an approved alliance (see next) to join your party. Lock will be yellow. Only available for players in guild. Click green lock to make yellow, yellow to make red, red to make green again.

- approved alliances (i.e. alliances shared by both guilds): benefits include being able to join or be joined by players from an approved ally, perhaps a resource trade system that allows guild resources (iron, wood, stone, etc. in storage to be traded).

- chancellors and strategists may remove guild pet from any lower rank member. i.e. punishment for not donating food, being inactive, or just being disrespectful (acts as send back)

- chancellor has option to sell guild resources for gold (for the guild, not the player). i.e. 1000 wood/stone/iron can be 'sold' to server market for 10 gold or something like that. Food would give a higher amount of gold.

- cage 4: functions as special cage used only in guild wars (check guild war section)

- probationary member system - members on the system may not be able to take free scrolls, use buffs, or buy a pet until they are removed from the probationary status. Blocks 'problem' players from using a guild's resources without contributing.

- chancellor/strategist perk: guild chat moderation. Allows for chancellors and strategists to be able to 'mute' players in guild chat. Only effects guild chat, does not pertain to anywhere outside of guild chat and is not visible to those outside of guild.

- join request/offline requests: allows for players to 'request' to join a guild. A chancellor or strategist will see the request on the guild menu and approve/deny it. Denied applications block player from sending another request for 3 days. A whitelist will allow guild staff to permanently block all requests from specific players. Also allow for guild invites to be sent to an offline player via mail in which they can join upon logging in.

- open/closed guild: open guild allows for join requests and is accessible to new players searching for a guild. Closed guild prevents join requests. Option in guild settings.

- joining requirements: sets requirements for join requests. i.e. level requirements, class requirements, etc... if set to only druids level 80+, then only druids level 80+ can send a join request.

- global guild buff: guild buffs based on the level of the guild's temple. Guild buff can be used once in 168 hours (one week), or longer depending on the buff, are cast on every member, and last for a set amount of time. Do not take the place of a regular buff. May cost certain amount of resources/gold to cast. May be free because of effort used to upkeep a guild.

  1. Level 1: increases resource gathering speed for all members for 6 hours by 25% (i.e. collecting granite, wood, clams, and other map resources)
  2. Level 2: increases exp gain of all pets owned by guild members by a certain percent for a certain amount of time (undecided)
  3. Level 3: decreases cooldown time for all resource tasks by x minutes for a certain amount of time
  4. Level 4: decreases death penalty by 10% for all members for 3 hours
  5. Level 5: decreases total hourly food consumption of guild pets by 10% for 12 hours
  6. Level 6: grants all guild members PvP protection (regular conditions apply) for certain amount of time

- guild deposit (i.e. guild member puts in a drop. another guild member requests to withdraw it - must be approved by a strategist or chancellor to prevent abuse)

--- separator to prevent Six's death ---

Guild War System:

Guild War is currently very limited to very few options. Prestige and gold, fair or unfair, join or not. More variables should be added.

Let's begin with Cage 4. In a Guild War, the only pets who can fight alongside the guild are the guild pets (obviously everything stands normal in regular pvp). A player may choose to enlist their guild pet(s) into the war, which temporarily moves the guild pet into Cage 4. They can still use the pet in normal ways. However, if the player is attacked by the enemy guild, all non-guild pets or non-enlisted guild pets that are turned on are automatically blocked from joining the battle.

Pets in Cage 4: upon death in a guild war battle, the guild pet needs to rest for one hour before being healed. They can be healed with platinum immediately but the price is higher than it would be normally.

IMPORTANT: All pets involved in the guild war automatically consume twice their normal rate of feed.

Pets in Cage 4 receive certain benefits (only in guild war battles) - all around increased stats, damage reduction, and specialized presets including those based on hussarion/basteya. A guild pet is a USEFUL companion in the war that is capable of adjusting to opponents far more than ordinary.

Pets can be removed from Cage 4 but cannot be re-added to the same guild war.

Upon the end of the war all pets wounded from guild war battles are automatically healed and returned to their appropriate cage.

NEXT: Ranks cannot be changed while in a war. Additionally, players cannot be removed/added during war (I believe this is how it already is).

Ranks are important. Each guild must have at least ONE player in every rank to be eligible for the war.

  1. Chancellor - the only one who can accept/deny a guild war contract. As the leader of the guild, they are most threatening to lower ranking opponents. A chancellor receives the highest battle buffs when being attacked by anyone other than the opposing chancellor. When the chancellor is attacked, all members of the guild are notified automatically via the guild voice system to assist.
  2. Strategist - the strategist is extremely important, with access to voice that calls the guild members together. For every different class in the same party as a strategist, all players in the party receive buffs for that battle. Strategy is important to any war, after all.
  3. General - the general excels at leadership. As leaders, all members in the guild are aware of the locations of their general(s). In fact, being in the proximity (same map) as a general gives guild members buffs. The general is not always part of the battle, but is certainly always somewhere nearby.
  4. Captain - the captain often leads the individual, and as a result, grants buffs to those in their party.
  5. Tactician - the tactician, similar to the strategist, is important for the logistics. Having a tactician grants passive battle buffs to the guild members, but for every time the tactician is slain in pvp, the buff is decreased. Winning in pvp will increase that buff. It's important that the brains of the operation is protected to increase chances of the guild at winning.
  6. Commander - being in the same party as a commander grants everyone within the party buffs. These buffs are increased if the commander is leading the party, or is the first to be ready each round in combat.
  7. Legionaire - these are the backbone. For every legionaire in the same party, all legionaires in that party receive strong defensive buffs. Additional buffs are received if they are fighting in the same team as a cadet.
  8. Soldier - the soldier is the one who often gets stuck fighting most of the battles. They work best with commanders and captains, but have no special buffs of their own that are shared with their party.
  9. Cadet - these are the members of the guild that may not be ready to fight a war. They are still in training, or simply not strong enough. Cadets cannot be attacked in white zones outright, except by other cadets. They may get involved in a fight for experience, but they do boost the defense of Legionaires as well.
  10. Aspirants - aspirants do not typically get involved in the fighting. They may be used to gather resources for the guild or aid the other members after battles. Aspirants cannot send guild pets to cage 4 and cannot be attacked or attack others in white zones. Additionally, they will be removed from the party if the party is attacked in guild war, and cannot join.

Guild Wars will have more options as well - in additional to potentially winning/losing gold, platinum, or prestige, guilds can also wager their other resources. A violent, aggressive guild war fought under unfair circumstances may 'damage' the buildings of the losing guild, making them inaccessible until repaired. Damage could come to the resource gathering buildings, the temple, or the tower.

Offense/Defense values: as the guild war progresses the guild itself will receive values for their offense and defense. Defeating guild members will grant the winner more offense, whereas surviving an attack will increase the defense. Attacking the other guild and losing will decrease the offensive value, and failing to survive an attack will decrease the defense.

Guild Raids - if Guild A's offensive value is higher than Guild B's defensive value, they may be able to stage a raid against the guild. A raid has a 50/50 chance of being successful, and if successful allows Guild A to steal gold from Guild B. Gold can ONLY be stolen if the guild's gold is a positive number and is also higher than their daily tax.

If the raid is successful, Guild B can retaliate within an hour to try and take the resources back - if Guild B's offense is higher than Guild A's defense, they are 100% successful.

A raid can only take place every 24 hours.

Guild Wars will go as they currently are - two sides fighting each other. White zones can be PvP zones between the guild. However, attacks in red and black and purple between guild will remain guild battles - a person from outside the war cannot join (and will be removed from the party) if attacked in red, black, or purple.

i.e. a person is grinding in red with someone from another/no guild that is not involved in the war. They are attacked by a player from the enemy guild. The person outside the guild is immediately kicked from the party.

Guilds can surrender the guild war at any time and lose out on the wagered resources and prestige.

Cadets and aspirants cannot be attacked even in unfair conditions (except cadets by fellow cadets).

Too many buffs I know. Will never happen. Just like to type. And dream!

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Post Re: Guild Optimizations + Guild War System
Yeah perhaps the whole rank buffs is a stretch but I think everything else would be a very nice addition. I can definitely see it being incorporated as well. Specifically the addition of guild wide buffs. I don't think it should be a timer thing though. Perhaps more like an option you turn on and stays on, consuming resources until turned off. I'd also like them to be aimed more towards players. Because tbh... what does the guild passively give you? A chat option. Lol. It would be more like a guild perk than a guild buff in that way.

I do think ranks needs more weight and options though. No real reason to have ranks when everyone just gets upgraded to strategists in most guilds. Or the highest available rank... A real guild would not have a room full of strategists with no Commanders to give orders to. Zzz.

Another thing to point out. Resource gathering becomes stale after you finishing building up. There's no "end game" material for guilds really. What do you do after it's built up? Sit back and farm food... I mean... It'd be nice to have other things to contribute towards it even when it's at max. This is also where I'd like to say I think guild raiding should also involve resources not just gold. The attacker should choose what to focus on when raiding. Gold can be taken out of the guild quite easily. And if not just not putting gold in till something requires it. This is a lot harder to maintain with food for example. This would force guilds to either risk their stockpile or risk their pets starving because they are micromanaging the trickle of food.

31 Mar 2019, o 04:44
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