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 Changelog 1.32, 1.32.9, 1.33 
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Post Changelog 1.32, 1.32.9, 1.33
Changes v. 1.32
- relog to speed up escape from fight is now blocked (around 25 second cooldown)
- added confirmation screen before selling rare/set/epic item in shop
- removed false achievements from mobs at Frozen Lake
- blocked evasion in 1vs1 Sheed vs Sheed arena fights
- changes in Landau's storehouse preventing bot using
- changes at Mahet/Tarul instance
- changes in Vorling Event

Changes v. 1.32.9
- removed false achievement from Traveler
- changed default backpack tab
- minor bugs and translation

Changes v 1.33
- new event with new skin as a main prize
- new healing potion restore 2000 HP
- changes in gathering Key to the LAbolatory - some black area, mob with key spawns anywhere, key weights more
- Thorn II - more damege, higher critical hit chance, higer damage from energy
- Valdarog's drop change - Cristal Flask of Major Power instead of Cristal Flask of Major Power

- autokick when fight is blocked;

- fixed Tarul and Mahet instances
- fixed error in Pet Trainer Quest

- /uptime - shows time from last server restart
- text put in trade chat windows stays there after sending till player relogs or delete it
- Blutter spawns in new places
- new commands, commands modifications
- new tools for events
- special prize for Premium Shop - 1day/1platinum instead of 7day/14 platinum

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Post Re: Changelog 1.32, 1.32.9, 1.33
Can we change the relog to speed up escape to not happen during dc. I dc in fight and have to wait 25 seconds to relog meanwhile whole team ends up dead. Maybe have it for pvp only.

13 Jun 2019, o 00:55

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Post Re: Changelog 1.32, 1.32.9, 1.33
that mechanic isnt only for pvp. it was being exploited on bosses. like selena or hawk. game reports the death before the round is over so people could relog and not miss any rounds.

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