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 Update 1.28 
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Post Update 1.28

1) Groundwork for merge with DE server.

2) Improvements:
- equipment durability shown in trade window;
- psycho exp added to Halmengir and Olm;
- improved external link censorship;

3) Bugfix:
- name change;
- guild history;
- cost of fire and ice arrow;
- long in-game mails;
- font size after servers messages;
- a lot of minor bugs.

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27 Jul 2017, o 22:57
Tilsai killer
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Post Re: Update 1.28
Update 1.28

New features:

1. Big event for 85+. Dates will be specified in calendar.
The event includes: new rares for pets, the skin of a retired epic – to be discovered by players.

2. Player can now be summoned to instances.
- this is a paid service (the cost depends on the instance),
- can only be used once per boss instance,
- if the instance is paid, the summoned player pays the cost to enter (gold, items, etc.) while the summoner pays the summoning fee,
- if the instance is free, only the summoner pays,
- if a player is summoned to take the place of a disconnected party member, it will be impossible for the disconnected player to enter the instance again,
- the invitation can be found in the platinum options,
- it’s not possible to summon players to some instances due to instance mechanics or ease of access (Chieftain, Cross Spider, Toad, Puppet Master, Ichtion, Tower bosses / the Tower, Geomorph, Garthmog, Bear, Tit, Selena)
- a player can only be summoned if they are on a yellow or green field, outside of a quest instance, prologue or jail, and they need to be attuned (e.g. through the appropriate quest),
- summoning can be initiated 5 minutes after the disconnected player leaves the game.

3. Leveling bonus for alts.

a) Bonus: +% exp equal to level of the highest level character, active until you reach 90% of the level of the highest level character. The bonus lasts for 1 months and stacks with other bonuses. It takes the form of the 4th undispellable buff. Works only within a single server group (normal servers, hardcore servers)

Example one: you have a level 100 character. You buy the bonus on a different character and get 100% additional experience until you reach level 90 with it.

Example two: your highest level character is level 50. If you buy the bonus, one of your characters will get 50% additional experience until they reach 90% of the level of the highest level character (45 in this case).

Of course if you level up your main character, the bonus experience limit will increase accordingly.

The bonus works also for quests and tasks.

b) The cost of the bonus for alts (works on a single character, not on the whole account):
80 platinum or
20 platinum for premium accounts.

Minor changes:
1. Item durability is now shown in item description when mousing over it.
2. Added psychoexp to champions: Olm, Helmengir.
3. New NPCs can be summoned by the administration to help organize server events.

1. The commands stats and statsd now work correctly (their functionality was switched).
2. Fixed bugs in Team commands.
3. Waiting period on trade chat can no longer be skipped.
4. Fixed the display of resources and HP (some numbers were sometimes hidden).
5. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the font size after a server-wide message.
6. Fixed a rare bug related to taking teleportation scrolls in the guild by a player with the rank of strategist.
7. Fixed a bug with incorrect guild history display if it contained links.
8. Fixed a rare error related to the character limit in messages
9. You can no longer kill or debuff your party members.
10. Fixed restock time in female Khold’s shop.
11. It is no longer possible to bypass quest pet restrictions.
12. Logging in is now safer.
13. General security improvements.
14. Signed equipment cannot be transferred between accounts/servers now.

Changes to quests and descriptions:
1. Fixed “Ethereal Lamps” – you can no longer enter the same instance twice. Maximum party size is now 1.
2. Fixed a bug that prevented player from leaving the Construct instance while “Deconstruction” was active.
3. Changes to the event on Tryfkin’s Island: adjusted for a smaller number of players.
4. Corrected the description when activating collar slots (a warning that the collar will be activated on the first pet no matter if it is active or not).
5. Added description to the stun immunity icon.
6. Corrections in the descriptions of some abilities: Roar, Ram (incorrect resource count), Sharpened Senses (added difficulty).
7. Corrections to other minor errors in descriptions.

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25 Aug 2017, o 06:03
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