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Update 1.27
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Author:  rzuff [ 8 Mar 2017, o 11:38 ]
Post subject:  Update 1.27


I - Enhancements
1 - Changes to the enhancements system - bonuses gained depend on the type of flask and the level of the enhancement.

II - Changes to abilities in PvE and PvP:
1 - Skills modified:
Druid: Bash has been buffed.
Sheed: Dodge and Liver Punch have been modified.
Knight: Shield Block and Protection have been modified.
VooDoo: Shadow Strike has been nerfed.
Fire Mage: Fire Shield has been buffed.
2 - Added an ability to break roots. AP needed to break roots = roots duration x 2. Activation at the beginning of the round, completely removes roots. Works only on the caster. (E.g. if you have roots on your for two more rounds, breaking them would cost you 4 AP.)
3 - Modified pet and mob AI to reflect the changes from point 1.

III - Changes to PvP only:
Balance changes:
1 - Damage reduction - the amount of damage reduced depends on:
character level,
having a shield equipped.
2 - Damage reduction works proportionately for levels 1-140:
50% / 140 = reduction per lvl * character lvl if without a shield (max. 50% at lvl 140).
40% / 140 = reduction per lvl * character lvl if a shield is equipped (max. 40% at lvl 140).
3 - Damage reduction for pets depends on the level of the owner.
4 - Buffs and debuffs affecting accuracy, damage and defense have been nerfed. With max reduction, the power of these buffs and debuffs will be 75%. With damage reduction of 0%, the power of the debuffs will be 100%. Effects that change resistances will not be affected (apart from Dementia).
5 - Debuffs that take AP will take 1 less AP unless they take 1 AP.
6 - Modified abilities (they will work differently from PvE):
Knight: Shield Block and Protection have been modified.
Barbarian: the formula for Bite changes to 1.4 * Strength + 0.6 * Dexterity. Damage from bleed has been nerfed by 20%.
Druid: Healing and Group Healing will work with 35% effectiveness at levels 120-140 and will scale from 100% to 35% effectiveness for levels 1-120.
7 - The power of buffs and debuffs depends on damage reduction.
Other changes:
8- You can now turn on/off gaining and losing PvP statuses.
9- You can now modify your PvP status by speaking with an NPC.

IV - Changes in staff commands.

V - Updated descriptions of skills

VI - Bugfixes
1- Aquaera - fixed conditions for weakening the stun from the previous update.
2- Fixed a bug that allowed for unlimited renewal of pet resources.
3- There’ll again be a space between every 3 zeroes when trading. 1 000 000 000.
4- Fixed a bug when the clock would start immediately if everyone but one person from a team died.
5 - Fixed a bug causing the display of NaN% using Silence.
6 - Corrected conditions for dispel from equipment when silenced.

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