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 Enhancement, balance and other changes in version 1.27 
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Post Enhancement, balance and other changes in version 1.27
Progress, expansion, growth.… we decided to concentrate on changing and improving what we already have. Our team has become bigger, we’ve uglified Sana and, most importantly, implemented another update. Buckle up, there are a lot of changes affecting both PvP and PvE. More details, and there’s a lot of them, below.

Changes to PvP

Changing the power of characters in PvP is a revolution. The basis of this revolution is the implementation of damage reduction. For a long time we’ve been trying to keep PvP and PvE systems together, but damage reduction was the only one way that didn’t involve rebalancing every mob in the game to increase the survivability of players in PvP. We don’t want fights to end in 2-3 round or even in 2-3 very lucky hits. The more damage a player can receive, the lower the impact of a few lucky rolls. The change increases the importance of a good strategy, tactics and knowledge of game mechanics. Teamplay also becomes more important – if a player is attacked by surprise, the chance that someone will manage to come to the rescue increases.

The implementation of damage reduction meant that we had to make some other changes, because simply decreasing damage would upset PvP balance. E.g. the power of druid’s healing spells would not be reduced, so we had to weaken them in a different way or druids would be immortal. We modified buffs and debuff, changed some abilities. We also added a completely new ability that lets every class free themselves of roots by spending some AP. More details below.
All the above changes also affect pets in PvP with one key difference – the value of damage reduction depends on the level of the owner, not on the level of the pet.

The implementation of damage reduction has one more goal – making levels matter in PvP. In our game levelling up is a long process, but there aren’t really that many benefits of being at the level cap. Of course it’s also fun if a lower level character can kill, or at least run away from, a higher level opponent. It’s all much more interesting if we can find our way out even from the most hopeless situations. However, we can’t allow a well-equipped level 120 character to be equal to a level 140 character. Differences between levels have mostly blurred, especially with the constantly increasing level cap. That’s why we decided to scale damage reduction with level. More info below.

PvP event

Changes to the PvP system are a novelty in our game. Damage reduction alters everything you were used to, especially at higher levels. That’s why we decided to take some exceptional steps. In order for everyone to be able to freely test the new combat system, learn new strategies, find weaknesses and strength of each profession, we’ll also run a PvP event. It’ll have two stages.
Stage 1: until the end of the week we’ll disable Shield and Skull statuses (the other elements – sadist points, protection, exp/gold loss/gain will remain unchanged).
Stage 2: after Stage 1 a new NPC (Mediator) will be introduced who will be able to lower your status. The NPC will be present for at least 2 weeks. During the event we’ll closely monitor all your comments about the new system. We’ll create a special thread just for that on our forum. Further changes to PvP combat might be coming, so we would like to invite you to participate in the event and discussion.

PvP changes, a detailed list:
Damage reduction in PvP – damage taken in PvP will be reduced by a special factor. Reduction is assigned to the defending player.

Damage reduction depends on:
– character level,
– whether the character has a shield.

Damage reduction works proportionally for levels 1-140:
Without a shield: 50% / 140 = damage reduction per lvl * character lvl (max. 50% at lvl 140).
With a shield: 40% / 140 = damage reduction per lvl * character lvl (max. 40% at lvl 140). Damage reduction for pets depends on the level of the owner.

Modification of buffs and debuffs that affect accuracy, damage and defense. We’ve weakened them by x% where x is the value of the damage reduction of the target.

The change does not affect effects that modify resistances (with the exception of Dementia).

Changes to debuffs that reduce AP:
Debuffs that reduce AP take one less AP than before.
If a debuff takes only 1 AP, it’ll still take 1 AP.
New ability “Dispel roots”: lets you free yourself of roots.
Number of AP needed = root duration x 2.

Activating the ability at the beginning of the round completely frees your character of roots only affects the caster.

Detailed info about the changes to each profession:

1 – Heals now heal with 35% effectiveness (only in PVP).
2 – Bash has been buffed. The damage is now 235% (previously 180%), accuracy is 117% (previously 105%) at level.

1 – Subsequent blocks reduce block efficiency by 3% in PvE and 10% in PvP.
2 – Protection also affects blocking. If block and protection are active at the same time, block will be weaker by another 3% / 10%.

1 – Dodging is checked as follows: a) dodging is checked, b) hitting is checked. Up until now it was the other way around.
2 – Lowered diminishing returns on dodging. Subsequent dodges have 10% lower chance of working (previously 16%).
3 – We’ve changed the chance of evasion in PvP.
4 – Liver Punch no longer ignores physical resistance.
5 – Liver Punch is affected by damage modifiers.
6 – Liver Punch deals more damage at level 7 (165%, previously 90%).

Fire Mage
1- Fire Shield has been improved to deal 105% damage at level 7 (previously 85%).

1 – Damage formula for Bite has been changed (PVP only):
DMG = 1.4 * Strength + 0.6 * Dexterity
(Previously: DMG = 1.0 * Strength + 1.0 * Dexterity)
2 – Bleeding from Bite has been nerfed by 20% (PVP only).
1 – Shadow strike now deals 185% damage at level 7 (down from 220%).

Enhancements and other changes

Apart from the above balance changes, we’ve also implemented changes to the enhancements system – high level enhancements will now provide more stats.

The enhancements system has not been looked into for a loooooong time. The last change was the addition of items that affect to chance of success for enhancements, but the system itself has not been changed since launch. Despite the fact that the game has changed a lot since then. Especially the level cap – when the game was first launched, nobody dreamed of level 140s running around Taern. The thing with enhancements is that they get weaker the higher your character level - what’s a couple of points if you’re level 140? The success rate for enhancing high level equipment is so low that very few people try to make it better. Most of them enhance items to +5-6, that’s enough. Very few people have equipment enhanced to +10. We’ve come to the conclusion that those who do try and spend their time, gold and nerves (oh ffs, I failed on +8) should have a bigger advantage over those who don’t. We want to introduce a system in which enhancements count more. Depending on the size of the required flask, higher level enhancements will provide more stats: +2, 3 or even 4 instead of +1. Destruction Flask will be an exception - it’ll work the same no matter the level you get.

All current enhancements will be recalculated, we’ll add the right number of stats. Unfortunately, the system does not remember the exact sequence of enhancements, so if multiple stats were enhanced, it’s not possible to tell exactly which ones should be increased. If this is the case, the enhancements will be randomized.
Apart from that we’ve also implemented some major bug fixes. All of the changes will be published in the changelog.

Our team is growing!

Taern Broken Ranks, although mostly ready, still requires a lot of work. That’s why we decided to hire 3 new people - 1 programmer and 2 graphic designers. We’d like to introduce the new members of ours team – Marek and the Krawczyk brothers.
Marek Brun has exceptional skills. He’s an ActionScript 3 programmer - the language Taern Broken Ranks is programmed in. He’s got a lot of experience and it shows. Brothers Krzysztof and Marek Krawczyk are graphic designers who worked on many Polish games. They even had a hand in the classic Gorky 17 (anyone remembers?). They also worked on GROM, Frater, and even made animations for Warszawa 35. They’ve been doing this for so long that many of us were still playing minesweeper when they were knee-deep in the industry. We’re happy to be able to work with them.

Rzuff - s2 (
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Post Re: Enhancement, balance and other changes in version 1.27
Detailed info about skill changes can be found on TaernWiki (

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