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 Update 1.26 
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Post Update 1.26
- event system implemented:
to enter Lugus Instance you need 400 ‘Winter Shards’ per party ( items must be handled by the leader). Items can be gained as a reward for event (fighting mobs - giants, yeti, for killing the gate, inserting the cannonballs into baskets or into cannon (shooting)), as well as a drop from fanatics in the Courtyard). You cannot bring them into the location with The Bridge.

- changes in the Courtyard:
Any party that has the required number of Winter Shards can enter (you no longer need to kill fanatics in order to open the gate)
- Changes with cannonballs:
new item - armed Vorling cannonball – Vorling cannonball changes into armed one after taking out of the basket. Only armed Vorling cannonball can be inserted into the cannon. You cannot insert the unarmed one. There are negative points for removing the cannonball from the basket but there are also positive points scored for loading the cannon.
- Baskets have a lock, the cannonball can be removed every 5seconds,
- you can drop armed Vorling cannonballs from the players in PvP,
- After killing The Gate mobs near the cannons are also removed,
- A new event begins with the next Gate respawn,
- Changes in the respawn time : jeti and giant near cannons, in time and area: some fanatics in the Courtyard (respawn more regular in the middle, free field by the entrance to the Instance, accelerated respawn on the outskirts of the Courtyard),
- Changes in the colors of the fields (black field near the baskets),
- Changes with the possibility of leaving the logout character in the location: Castle Gates (bridge) and Courtyard (fanatics). The character left for more than a few hours will be transferred to the inn in Beirne,
- Fixed bug with blocking the Gate respawn, in a situation where some fanatics remained unkilled,
- Added resistance to stun at the Gates.

- Memorizing the pack position after relog,
- Change the capacity of the trough in cages (increased by 30%),
- Add the possibility of feeding the pet not only by the strategists and the Chancellor – feeding also possible by Legionnaire.

- Relog after teleporting to guild outside the instance does not cause the loss of that instance
- Changes in some mobs and bosses respawns (correction of injury balance Gorthdar> Thorn> Batagur, corrections of respawns of older mobs energy),
- Drop change at Selena and Lugus (modification of drop chance, an increase of the additional drop at Selena),
- psychoexp prestige for the Admiral increased , adding resistance to stun,
- Changes in the sets drop for 100 lvl (the availability of set elements should be more regular)
- Changes in drop of elements for Selena (adding a drop for the other champions in Beirne, changes in the chance to drop)
- adding epic drop to the Traveler,
- Traveler hp change,
- Winter Troll - increased runes drop,
- way out from Construct Instance improved
- improving the way through the tower to reach Ghadir
- Minor corrections in the descriptions and texts,
- Minor corrections in some quests,
- Correction of Premium draw (wrong number of bottles eliminated)
- Correction of respawn of group with the key on Fyodor (more possible locations for those groups)
- Correction of mapping in Trentis (fixed field in front of Arena, where you were not able to walk before).

- the clock in the next round starts only when all participants will see the course of the previous round. At all players simultaneously,
- fixed bug where we could not join the fight for several rounds,
- Corrections in the tournament fighting system
- Fixed bugs, which could lead to fights crashes,
- Other corrections at the combat system.

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