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 Level 55 Gold Task Helpers 
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Post Level 55 Gold Task Helpers
Just an idea I had. Many people struggle to complete the level 55 gold task on time for many reasons:

- they don't deal enough damage
- they have to flee one or multiple times from the mob whose name I forgot because it has loads of hp and cold aura (stam users)
- they might load maps slow which compounds to not being able to turn in on time, especially when paired with an above reason
- they might get pked by someone on their way to specs halfway through castle and won't have time to start the trip over.

Many of these can be solved simply by people helping.

Now I know some people might ask 'who cares if low levels can't do their gold task'. If helping your fellow Taernian isn't enough for you when consider this a way to boost the Taernian Economy.

Most mid levels say that the prices for mid-level equipment is way too high (some would argue they can farm it themselves if that's the case, but not everyone is strong enough or has a helpful guild to benefit them), and that they can't get enough gold to do so. Most mid levels also state they don't even do gold task anymore because they almost never complete it on time. If more mid-levels successfully completed gold task, they have more gold to spend, and therefore, may benefit you by buying something from you.

So basically, anyone willing to help with the castle portion can comment here saying what days they can (probably) help. This means clearing and if needed, helping kill the mobs. Afterwards you can do a specs or something.

I can help mostly on weekends... my work schedule makes me busy during the peak part of the weekdays in which most people are on but maybe there will be some late night players.

Hopefully this won't encourage more people to PK during these 'trips'... though I have to believe that the very same people who complain about the server being dead and not enough people playing/buying items will be the ones who do the PKing.. ;)

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12 Oct 2016, o 15:25
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Post Re: Level 55 Gold Task Helpers
I'd like to add THIS!

PM Rzuffi Epsi Tora and Nuage for guided runs through gold task level 55. They are the nicest peoples on the server.

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