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 Your Taern Experience 
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Post Your Taern Experience
All of us have had different experiences that shaped how we were introduced to the game, what we did, who we met, and how we are today. Our friends, enemies, and fights are all based on our experiences and if we know where we all came from then we'll understand each other better and have hope to get past our differences without posting long strings of barely literate insults whenever we get angry... I hope.

It would also serve to show newer players how Taern was like in 'ancient times'. So let's begin!


My experience with Taern wasn't really eventful. I was leaving one game I got bored with and was looking for another. Preferably a 2D, simple game that didn't require constant attention. I was a busy person, even as a teenager, and games that required me to watch them 100% of the time just weren't possible.

And so, I found Taern on some mmorpg list and gave it a try (among other games).

It was simple, turn based, and had no 3D graphics which is what I liked at the time (but I'm really excited for 3D to come out now and breath new life into the game).

The problem was... I was shy. Yep! Hard to believe. Anyway, I didn't reach out to anyone and stuck to myself. I invited some of my friends from my other games to play but none of them really stayed.

I first started as a druid named Pilot - or Avis, I don't remember - and sucked. I was the worst druid you could imagine. Level 7, dying to farmhands and peasants, unable to land, dodge, or even heal. I got so fed up with dying and being unable to progress because of my own inability to play the class that I made a new character... who was either Pilot or Avis (I was obsessed with planes back then, don't ask).

This was a sheed. I did far better with it. If I had tried FM maybe I would've stayed... but alas, I played the sheed until the level 20s or somewhere around, and saw many things.

For example... were you around when Chieftain's cave still had goblin parties (they aggroed)? It looked different from today too, but I wouldn't be able to say how. I distinctly remember that level 4 quest from Simon, where you kill that fire mage in the cave... what's his name? Anyway, back then when he said that you would fight on his terms, you were actually teleported to a different area - a demonic version of a cave - which made more sense than having nothing happen when he says the same thing. Cough.

Anyway. I remember getting jumped by 3 people as a poor level 16 sheedlet after fighting the goblins in Chieftains and killing one before I died.

Back then I thought the only way to flee was to disconnect and reconnect. I was stupid. I also did that when I was about to die because I thought it would make a difference. Again, stupid. Then there was that bug with the knights in Port throwing rocks that would make your entire game freeze. Did that get fixed? I don't throw rocks at them anymore anyway...


Alas, due to business of my life I stopped playing the game. So in May of 2012 I left, and didn't return for four months. By then I didn't remember what my old account username and password was... and figured it was deleted by then. So I made a new account, this one, would be the one I play today. I remembered playing a sheed so I made a sheed again, the same sheed I am now. I still sucked. But I kept playing this time around.

Things were a bit different. Chief's cave was different and no longer had goblins or the teleporting quest. But hey. It had some new stuff.

I finally spoke to people and made some friends. I then managed to somehow make an enemy of Sam as a teen-level player... I can't imagine how... ;)

I grinded Ogres with a few people including the recently returned Johon, still sucked at the game. I had seen a high level fight and saw they had really high health, so I decided I'd also get high health. At level 30 I had 1200 health and about 60 dex. There's my problem.

That and the level 4 boots I used until level 50. Noob, am I right?

I wasn't really good at the game. I died a lot. Farmed wolves from level 20-45 or more... died to 3 parties of wolves after some random update made the game a whole lot harder (an archer named Perrigreen used to say it made the difficulty level 11), and struggled some more. I didn't know how to play my own class, and didn't want to bug people to ask them, so I kept doing what I was doing in hopes it would work out.

From there I finally met a few people, and ended up in my first guild - loving and caring. It was run by a fire mage called Smexylolz, who vanished into the abyss of lost members that grew into a massive gaping hole. I and a few other noobs ended up bring dragged into a war with a guild of alts who actually knew how to play. So that turned out badly. I died a lot. Nothing new there. I was really really bad.

The war ended, leaving me with negative honour from constant deaths and fleeing because I had no idea what to do in a war because the noobs in my guild wouldn't explain (and all the strats mysteriously stopped logging in until it was over...)

That guild started to die, and since I had made myself an enemy with two of the people from it after something I don't remember happened, I went on my way. I then joined the guild I had wanted to join from the very beginning... Unfinished Chronicles. It had so many people I liked. Perrigreen, Brenys, and many funny people. Unfortunately by the time I joined they had left...

That guild too died one day, and I wandered some more aimlessly. I did a few tower runs with an FM named Maruf (the real Maruf). This leads me to a new thought.


I will classify KS in three manners: Ancient KS (pre merge KS consisting of a whole bunch of people I mostly hated). KS (pre-merge/inner merge KS, consisting of people I hated and people I assumed would be just like the people I hated, so I hated them too), and New KS (Post merge, after all the people I hated left and I realized most of the new people weren't as bad as I thought).

In the old days, Ancient KS was full of PKers and people from polish servers who wanted to rule the server. I managed to avoid most of the latter part simply by not doing anything except grinding wolves and no one really knew who I was except Sam who constantly tried to PK me. Every game has its flies.

Anyway, moving on.

I soon ended up in Rebel's alt guild, Rebellion, where I spent a good portion of my mid-level time. It was then where I finally began to actually get gear... good gear... I had mostly junk - level 4 boots, blacksmith shop gear, no rares to speak of... No gold to repair anything with anyway, since I kept getting pked in halite and couldn't solo the lizards or reptiles on my own.

But he helped me with that and helped me do runs and eventually I was learning what being a sheed is about. It only took me 65 levels to use debuffs. It only took me 80 levels to find BC somewhat useful and use it.

But it happened.

I was invited to join Legacy (the guild Rebel's main was in) at level 65, so I hopped over, following Past, who was my friend back then. He left Legacy and joined KS, I believe, or some other guild. I don't remember that much. Anyway, I ended up in Legacy here I then stayed for the past 3 years.

Having been mostly a loner I hadn't seen the drama or problems that haunted many players in the game... but I learned about them.


My first exposure to Evilsmile (the GM at the time) was when I went to plateau to do my first vald... Pyro and Rebel were joking with Vixinity about how evil couldn't be a GM if he had half of Legacy ignored. For some reason I remember that to this day. Evil never bothered me or attacked me, so I had no opinions on him myself. But Legacy hated him, and KS.

And for reasons from other games, I automatically disliked the top ranking guild or alliance of every game because in almost every game they were all arrogant and snobby... thinking they were better than everyone else for being number 1. I assumed that was true here too, so I kept my distance.

Vix was nice. And Morana (maybe an E there somewhere). Heal was nice, depending whether he wanted to be. But everyone else I didn't like.

Most of ancient KS were highly insulting to me, and didn't care about anyone but themselves. That's why I didn't really like them at all and why I unfairly judged the new people from EU who joined KS was being exactly the same (some were, not all).

Drama. Drama. And drama.

There was less PKing than expected, and more arguing. Then something internal struck the guild and Rebelious, whom I felt was a nice guy, suddenly destroyed the account of a guild mate, got another player banned (account sharing), and himself. Pyro left during the drama. A few others left to other guilds as our activity died down after that.

Something happened in my personal life that crushed my motivation quite a bit and made me not really want to do runs or anything else.


Legacy would wither for months, die out, wither again. But no matter how few players logged, those few players kept it going. Even if all we did was talk to each other. That was fine. I didn't really have motivation at the time to do runs and didn't feel well enough to fight with other guilds.


At one point I became aware of another server I didn't know exist. EU1... And the possibility of a merge. It made me excited, because I wanted to meet all these other people I hadn't met before. The merge of course happened and we formed S1 (all my gold vanished temporarily... grrr). I liked Fellows instantly, and although didn't make friends from anyone in Razors I liked them too. The people who joined KS made me nervous. More people who were going to treat the rest of the server like garbage?

I unfairly judged a lot of you (including you, Aris) and continued my hostility against KS even after many of the old KS members went inactive or quit, or simply went to other guilds. Eventually some of the worst of the members went somewhere else, and as I thought about it, you guys weren't so bad. Sometimes childish (but who isn't sometimes...). That drama with fellows made me angry a lot and that caused a bit of a rukkus, but hey... people fight.

And people learn.


More time passed. I had taken a vacation at some point for a few months (I think that was actually before the fellows vs ks drama, because I came back to it and it really bothered me for some reason...)

I came back when someone told me about a pet update. It wasn't pet pack. It wasn't ravens or monkeys. I think it was aqua pets, maybe? Something like that... or main quest. I don't quite remember. But I came back, played some more. Still lacked motivation (and still do) and get irritated by annoying things too easily, but that's just how things are these days.

Some people came back to legacy (Pyro, Pretty, occasional visits from Stealth). Sati didn't want to return. Shayuu came back and visited, and told me some of his stories.

Mostly bad things about ancient KS, and complaints of KS being cheaters. I won't say what.. no use beating a dead horse, and most of those people are gone. But I know what he said, and others, too.


Now Taern today... still no motivation for runs that often. Just thinking about runs makes me feel exhausted. Just thinking about grinding is the same. But to be honest I feel guilty, because my guild needs runs, and they need gear, but I don't want to run... and I know that they probably are upset too. It's all too easy to blame life for throwing curveballs at you, and to blame your body for the sinking hole of depression it fell into. But enough of that. This is a game. People don't want to hear about sad things.

People still fight, people argue, people hate... not much has changed in that regard. People are people.

I am excited for 3D... I hope others are too. :)

I hope it brings back old friends.

So what's your story?

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4 Aug 2016, o 01:57
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Post Re: Your Taern Experience
what can I say my ex Kasia got me into taern on pl server in 2011 joined English server on the 15/5/12 its been good years playing taern met a lot of good people was leader of best guild in eu1 at one point The Supreme which later formed into The fellowship and founder of razors were ment to join supreme but created razors instead cause we were full so 2 good guild came out 1 journey now the years past ive settled down on the spamming and vulgar its but server ha got more boring banter is not the same any more basically been through it all

I have turned into simon the old man who sits on the rock
I regret nothing

still never seen an advertisement for taern :lol: :roll:

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Post Re: Your Taern Experience
Hello Taern, I hope you don't delete this because well, its only for Amy(assuming I remember your real name epsi).

Can't bring myself to play the game again, but I do check the forum every so often. Seeing this, I felt previously thought disposed guilt when you said "I felt he was a nice guy". I like to think I am, I know I am. My actions in the past we're disrespectful and childish. I do not seek forgiveness, just acknowledgement that it was toward you.

Reading some of the real life stuff your going through, I deeply hope anything I did didn't fuel that. A loner indeed but we, and legacy had some great times. I hope you guys are continuing to do it as well if they play the game.

I consider you a friend. Maybe not one in flesh but will never forget. I wish you good luck in your studies.

P.S: never told me you had a farm!!! :|

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22 Aug 2016, o 17:44
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