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 The introduction thread! 
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Post The introduction thread!
I just thought we all could introduce ourselves in this thread to get to know eachother better. My name is Jacob and I live in Sweden. I am 19 years old and recently found this game on MMOHut's youtube page. What inspired me to start playing was the unique setting and art of the game. The combat system seemed neat and alot like a board game! I can't wait to get more of the story to unveil for my eyes as I just finished the prologue, which by the way was amazing.
Look forward reading your replies!

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20 May 2012, o 01:56

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Taernian the refugee
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Post Re: The introduction thread!
Might as well step up to the plate~

Name: Machi (Unknown)
Age: Old enough to tell you, yet young enough not to want to.
Location: Central
How'd I find Taern?: Saw an update on in news section- looked like a game I could go nuts over. These guys know what they're doing.

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23 May 2012, o 01:09
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Post Re: The introduction thread!

Im Celem, a Brit living in Sweden where I work as a Software Engineer and also part-time as a stage builder for rock concerts (mainly for the guestlist access that comes with it :p)

I play games far too much, far too many of 'em, mainly browser-based types. I found Taern through one of these games, was offered the local version of platinum if I would come here and sign up. I did so and havent actually been back to the game that referred me here since then.

I wombled my way through the prologue, trying to decide what type of game this was and got a little confused to be honest, wasnt really quite like anything i've played (while having some elements of the old isometrics i grew up with).

Having come ashore here in Haligard I quickly realised that I loved the atmosphere of the game, the gritty, sometimes mildly offensive language and tone to dialogues, the fact that half the NPCs make nasty suggestions about my female character (and not just the male half). The combat system was everything I wanted, I've played enough hack'n'slash titles and the turn-based skill-driven system was not something i'd seen before.

What ultimately sold me on the game however was the death system. Death is hard, if I just respawn in town then death becomes pointless and by extension the entire game. Theres a certain roguelike air to this game that sealed the deal for me. (I've played roguelikes for over 20 years, even written a couple both in ASCII and tiled formats)

I currently split my gaming time between Taern and the Taern English Wiki which Mystheria was kind enough to let me neaten up for the english speaking crowd.

See you in battle!

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23 May 2012, o 10:44
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Post Re: The introduction thread!
Hi, just a quick intro... i'm James AKA(Insert amazing name here!) Vixinity.
I've just today started playing Taern and i'm very interested in turn based browser combat in rpg games, so Taern seemed right up my street! I'm looking forward to taking part in many of the community events(I'll be on the US server), so if you see me in game(Vixinity) be sure to say hi...

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27 May 2012, o 20:36
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Post Re: The introduction thread!
The name is Chris Davis.
Im from Hungary, but i live in Canada. :D
Im 13 years old, lol. Kinda young but not a problem.
I found the game on MMOHut. :P

So thats it. :lol:

Cheers. :D

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30 May 2012, o 09:57
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