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 Late Summer Events 
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Post Late Summer Events
This is the event announcement thread for the events that will occur in the late summer!

Event Theme: Many places around the world have experienced or are going through long heat waves. Others have finally begun the cooling process, enjoying more comfortable weather. Fortunately mobs have calmed down since the sorcerers were repelled. Unfortunately the peace won't last - the heat has drawn forth an ancient power to Taern, and it will soon unleash its fury over the region. Prepare to fight legions of mobs from all areas of the game!

Date: Saturday, August 17th at 6 PM server time. This is a tentative time - if server is still unstable by Friday I will postpone the event for August 24th at 6 PM server time instead.

Rules/Mechanics: Level restrictions on all regions have been erased for this event. That means if you're a level 80 who finds Gorgones a little hard, you can farm Toads in Alaril. If you're a level 100 that's bored with Garrison you can farm zeds in Trentis. All mobs are free for your taking! Of course, there will still be powerful mobs that are worth more exp than weak ones for those willing to put in the extra work!

The only restrictive factor to this event is that no new wave will spawn until ALL mobs have been killed on the map. That means the weakest mobs must be slain before new strong mobs are placed. If you find a high level eating your exp, make them suffer through slaying weak, low exp mobs!

Additionally, you have been heard. There will be no aggressive mobs for this event.

As usual, the mobs I spawn will not drop. They give 2x exp and small amounts of gold.

Mobs will start being placed at 6 PM server time. No new mobs will be respawned after 8 PM, so clear fast if you want more waves!

Questions/Comments/Complaints: Feel free to pm me in game or on forum! If you desire self validation you can always make your own thread saying you won't be participating.

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